Twitter goes nuclear because of ERCOT’s request to Texans to raise the thermostat on scorching heat

SAN ANTONIO – This week the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) urged Texans to conserve energy to avoid rolling outages.

Some power plants were unexpectedly disconnected from the grid on Monday, resulting in a major power outage. This, coupled with an increase in electricity demand due to the scorching temperatures in all of the state’s major cities, meant that Texans were again at risk of blackouts in extreme weather conditions.

For many, it brought back memories of February when a brutal winter storm knocked several electricity providers out of action and led to widespread outages. Numerous Texans were without electricity for up to a week in sub-zero temperatures, and many cities lost water pressure. More than 100 people died in the process. Legislators have passed some reforms, but some experts are skeptical that they will prevent most failures in the future.


On Monday, ERCOT – the agency that operates the state’s unique power grid – advised Texans to save energy by turning their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher.

ERCOT tweeted a statement followed by a press release on her Twitter account.

“ERCOT has issued a Conservation Alert and Texans are encouraged to safely reduce their electricity consumption.”

Of course, many Twitter users were not satisfied with this request and did not hesitate to show their disappointment.

Here are some of the reactions to ERCOT.

Editor’s note: To be clear, the video below is satire and not a true ERCOT spokesperson.

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