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“Half the damage that is done in this world is due to those who want to feel important. They don’t want to cause harm, but they don’t care about harm. Or justify it because they haven’t seen it or are obsessed with endless struggles to think about themselves. “ – TS Eliot

Much of the social harm is caused by the way self-proclaimed “good faith” people treat other people who simply disagree politically, culturally and / or socially.

In order to “think about themselves”, certain generally unreached people pretend to be “noble”, intellectually and morally superior “progressivists” and overcompensate for them. They tend to prioritize ideological narratives over the truth and somehow “brighten up” themselves by improving their self-image and despising common Americans and traditional American values. I’m trying to “raise”.

The media, entertainment sources, corporate, public and higher education, and even professional sports are constantly attacking the United States with left-wing doctrines. Conservatives are therefore very familiar with liberal legitimacy.

Jerry Schenck

However, when it is mainly exposed to like-minded, informational and entertainment media, the left becomes heavily invested in common assumptions. Liberals preach “diversity” and “inclusion” but illegally demand conformity and obedience.

Beehive-oriented progressives just don’t understand conservatives. Liberals are destabilized by conservative “apostasy” because they believe that reasonable people are unlikely to be able to resist them.

It is human nature to be afraid or suspicious of things that are not well understood or unknown. Mindful Conservatives can easily identify their liberal position and confidently express their opposition, while ignorant liberals instinctively fear conservative views, defensive anger and contempt, and I fear that this is often expressed in an effort to silence the conservative voice .

But the progressive way of thinking of the “cancellation culture” only reveals its ignorance, intolerance, self-centeredness and fear.

Rather, progressives should adopt the philosophy of Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie. Just understand. “

In 1989 the author Tom Wolfe wrote with foresight: As ridiculous as ever, there is nothing you can imagine that it is not immediately staged in front of your eyes, perhaps by a friend. “

Today, left-wing political correctness or “awakening” is portrayed in the story of a stupid, fake, stereotypical, almost impossible pet who is as ridiculous or more than a satire. .. “distraction”, “satirical repression”, “gender identity”, “environmental justice”, “critical race theory”.

In the urban dictionary, “awakening” is defined as “self-righteousness in the guise of enlightenment” and “awakening” refers to the “intelligent” state of the self-proclaimed left, especially on campus, as “hidden or false consciousness”. .” Is defined. “

The vocal, politically ambitious minority, known as “Awakening” and “Wookster”, is rich in targets. The de facto monopoly of the media, entertainment and education left has denied the effects of their “alienation”.

Although it has received a lot of attention, relatively few Americans suffer from the “awakening.” The most practical, hardworking, and productive Americans lack the need to motivate “wokesters” to constantly find new excuses to be “offended”.

In fact, “awakened” progressives are one of the least confident people on the planet.

Interestingly enough, the aggressive and self-loving “wokesters” unknowingly prompt counter-reactions from those who cannot leave them, but prefer to be left alone.

The “awakened” progressives aren’t exactly “polite,” so when it comes down to it, the repulsion probably isn’t.

The most benevolent responses the left can expect are laughter and ridicule. More than indifference or negligence, complacent and non-introspective liberals, no matter how natural they may be, hate to be ridiculed.

Ironically, the principle of politicized ridicule was institutionalized in Rules Nos. 4 and 5 of Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals. Hillary Clinton wrote her high school dissertation, contacted Alinsky, and applied his radical philosophy. So did Alinsky’s acolyte, the former “community organizer” Barack Obama.

Alinsky: “The fourth rule is: Let the enemies live by their rule book. You can kill her now … The fourth rule is the fifth rule in it. Carry: ridicule is man’s most powerful weapon. Countering ridicule is almost impossible, and it infuriates opponents who respond to your interests. “

Alinsky also works for conservatives. At least “awakened” progressives who attempt to harass, insult, whine and subjugate Americans will be repaid in their own currency.

The progressive anger towards conservatives who exploit this important flaw is interesting and very satisfying. After all, turnarounds are fair play. And the Left is all about fairness, right?

Rule number 4.

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