The Devil Is A Part-Timer teases new announcements for Season 2

New details for the long-awaited next season, a The Devil Is A Part timer, will be revealed during the Winter Festival livestream from publisher Dengeki Bunko.

More information about the second season of The devil is a part-time worker will finally be announced on December 12th.

The series’ official Twitter account announced that further details on the long-awaited sequel to the popular fantasy comedy will be revealed during the live stream of the Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival. Dengeki Bunko is an imprint of the publishing house ASCII Media Works, which published both the original Teufel is a part-time worker Light novels and the ongoing manga adaptation of the series. The live stream will be hosted by voice actors Ryota Osaka, who voiced the title devil Satan Jacob in the original anime series, and Yoko Hikasa, who played the heroic Emilia Justina.

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Fans have long been waiting for a second season of the anime: the original anime series aired in 2013 and was produced by White Fox studio, which is also known for its anime adaptations of the science fiction drama Stein’s gate and the popular isekai Re: zero. Eight years later, in March 2021, a second season was finally announced, in which the show’s producers confirmed that the voice would return from the original anime to repeat her roles, but no further details about the new season, including the release date or the story details.

The devil is a part-time worker tells the story of the demon lord Satan, who is about to conquer the fantasy world of Duck Isla before he is defeated by the heroine Emilia and teleported to today’s Tokyo. Now trapped in a human body devoid of most of its demonic powers, the demon lord takes the name Sadao Maou and has to work in a McDonald’s-style fast food restaurant to pay for a living. Sadao’s new life becomes even more complicated when several of his former supporters and enemies of Duck Isla also migrate to our world and are similarly forced to grapple with the harsh realities of modern society.

The series originally began in 2011 with a light novel series by Satoshi Wagahara with illustrations by the artist called 029 (Oniku). The light novels were adapted from 2012 to a manga series, which was also written by Wagahara and contained the art of Akio Hiiragi. The light novels ended the series in 2020 while the manga continues to serialize.

Both the light novels and the manga are available in English and are distributed in North America by Yen Press. The first season of the anime is available for streaming on Funimation.

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