Tabitha Brown gives classy gossip back to Wendy Williams’ criticism of her husband’s retirement

Talk show host Wendy Williams is known for throwing dirt and casting shadows over celebrities, but this time the queen of hot topics found herself in the hot seat with a popular vegan food influencer.

Tabitha Brown, famous for her folk southern charm and viral videos of meat-free recipes, ended Williams’ chaotic fiesta with smiles and prayers after Williams upset Brown for revealing that she’d been in her husband, a former cop, afterward retired had to earn fame with increased income in their bank account.

Brown posted a YouTube video titled “A 15 Year Old Dream Has Finally Come True !! I am retiring my husband !!! ” on June 26, 2021. The 56-year-old gossip girl compared Brown’s husband Chance to her cheating ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. Many social media users turned up because of Williams and her verbal attack on “Aunt” Tabitha Brown.

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In the first video, Brown recalled the early years trying to make it as an actress. She stated that she and her family came to Los Angeles in 2004 with about $ 8,000 to pursue an acting career. Upon arriving in California, Brown said she got a job at retailer Macy’s. Her husband, Chance Brown, began working as a police officer to support his wife while earning a stable income.

“I told him, I said, ‘OK, bae, if you do this job, if you take this journey in this career, give me five years,” Brown shared in the video.

The influencer revealed that her long-term plan was to retire her husband so he can pursue his own dream. Fifteen years later, Brown informed her husband that the time had come. Chance appeared on camera admitting that he felt “good” but had conflicting feelings about leaving behind part of “one of his seasons” working as a cop.

When Williams decided to talk about Brown The Wendy Williams Show, she focused on Brown’s announcement that her husband would be retired without sharing the couple’s backstory.

“I was married to someone like that. You know, I make the money and so on and so on. Go live your dreams. Buy a business. You know, stay with me, but go, go, go. You see how that turned out. I predict that in a moment this marriage will be on really rocky ground, ”Williams said, predicting the marriage would not last long.

Williams’ ex-husband reportedly had an affair and a baby from his lover Sharina Hudson. The situation led Williams to divorce in 2020 after 22 years of marriage. Williams is said to have paid alimony.

Brown’s stylish setback is seething on social media. It started with blessing Williams, then commented on “the pain this woman has to have to feel this way” and that she is “so sorry”. She talked about the 23 years of marriage she has enjoyed with Chance and summarized that they were “broke for a very long time – together”. However, Brown credited God for allowing dreams to manifest.

“We’ll keep him first. He’s the first in our marriage, ”Brown said with a smile, referring to God. “No money. Not business. No success, but God. He’s the first.”

Brown concluded her answer by informing Williams that “she hopes true love will find her and hold onto her.” You can view Brown’s video message by clicking here.

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