Satire: Both Sides Now – San Diego Jewish World

By Laurie Baron, Ph.D

Laurie Baron

To the tune of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’.

SAN DIEGO – “Teachers in a Texas school district were told last week that a new state law requiring them to present multiple perspectives on” widely debated and currently controversial “issues means students will have” opposing “views on the subject Need to make the Holocaust accessible. ” Jewish Telegraph Agency, 10/14/2021

Lies and screams that Jews were gassed
That has not happened in the past.
They were piled up in Polish camps.
Where they worked and played.

But Hitler is now wrongly cursed.
He just put his country first.
Let’s reverse his bad reputation.
Change how it is presented.

We shall now study it from both sides.
The good, the lies and still somehow.
He tried to purify his breed.
There is no disgrace to Aryans.

The KKK was just aiming
To regain slaves who had acquired them.
That is why they set crosses on fire:
To reclaim what they had.

But now they are accused of hating black people
You don’t deserve to take such flak.
They rightly want their country back
And that should be tolerated.

We shall now study them from both sides.
They fought for whites and still somehow.
Our fight is for freedom.
And for no more CRT.


Baron is a professor emeritus of history at San Diego State University. He can be contacted at [email protected] Jewish world in San Diego advises new readers that this column is satire and nothing in it should be taken literally.

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