Satire and comedy to entertain theater fans in Denbigh

AUDIENCE have the opportunity to see live theater in Denbigh for the first time in more than 18 months.

Denbigh Phoenix Players are back and the company is proud to announce a double performance of one-act plays on November 18th, 19th and 21st at the Twm o’r Nant Theater, Denbigh.

Every night starts at 7.30 p.m.

A Phoenix Players spokesman said, “Covid regulations are in place and face masks are required unless exempted.

“We want to protect you and ourselves, so we respectfully ask you to wear face masks when moving around the theater.

“All seats and door handles are disinfected between performances and disinfection with hand gel is required upon entry.

“Social distancing is provided with seating.”

The first piece – “Canary” – won the CCTA Award for Best New Writing this year.

It’s a dramatic satire that takes place in 2022.

A widowed man and his extended family are experiencing some of the effects of climate change firsthand.

It is set in the north west of England and reflects how a simple working class family copes with and adapts to water and electricity shortages, limited employment opportunities and the conflicts that arise.

Written by Mike van der Eijk, a member of Phoenix Players, it anticipates a few events and offers a thought-provoking look at climate change with an occasional touch of light humor.

The second track is “The Worst Day of My Life” by Alan Richardson.

It’s a hospital comedy set in a hospital room where Charlie Brown is the patient.

Life is good for Charlie and he has worked out his visitor plans well until his visitors decide on their own to break out of the schedule.

Life becomes problematic when a second visitor comes while his first wife is visiting.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are more visitors joining them … and that’s not the end of Charlie’s bad luck!

A good laugh is guaranteed when Charlie tries to cope with “The Worst Day of My Life”.

The tickets cost 5 €, prior registration is required.

They can be purchased at or by calling 07921 516295.

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