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Rajkot: A police chief from the Rajkot City Traffic Branch paid a heavy price for criticizing the police. Hirabhai Rabari was suspended by City Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal on Thursday for posting critical posts on how the police work on social media platforms.
“Despite repeated warnings, Rabari continued to post criticism of the police on social media. He later refused to personally sign the suspension warrant. So police went to Rabari’s home and posted the suspension warrant on the door, ”a police source said.
“The policemen who do their duty dishonestly receive salaries, but those who do their duty honestly receive eternal satisfaction. Senior officials do not record in the service book, but God records it in his service book, ”was Rabari’s last post to the police on Facebook. Some time ago he said that police officers do not wear masks in a public place. “A few weeks ago, the Rajkot City Police Team went to Dwarka Temple to hoist a religious flag (Dhaja). After the pooja, the policeman clicked on a group photo. None of the employees in the photo was wearing a mask. Rabari had commented that if the police do not adhere to the norms, they will collect fines from ordinary people, ”added another source.


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