Michael Caine says his latest movie will be his last

After six decades in business, Michael Caine has earned his retirement. Appears on BBC radio Kermode and Mayos film review Program, said the actor that his current film bestseller is probably his last.

The mid-budget comedy-drama in which he plays a quirky, withdrawn writer who plays with a modern day publisher Aubrey PlazaShe “turned out to be my last role,” he said. The two-time Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor (for Hannah and her sisters and The cider house rules) remarked, “I haven’t worked for two years and have a spinal problem that affects my legs so I can’t walk very well.”

Though he has other work filmed before him bestseller which has not yet been released, including the Czech historical action picture Medievalhe repeated to the interviewer Simon Mayo that he “thinks”[s Best Sellers] would be “his last film. He added: “To be honest, there have been no offers for two years because no one has made films that I want to make.”

The actor who attracted the movie audience of Alfie to ZuluShe added, “You know I’m 88. There aren’t exactly scripts with an 88-year-old leading man, you know?”

Caine, who has published a number of successful books on Hollywood and the acting trade, recently turned his pen to fiction. During the pandemic, he wrote a thriller called If you don’t wanna diebeing prepared for publication. “My job – my life was busy with 150 people all day. So now I sit down to do something on my own. And I think that’s what it’s about, ”he said said NPR about the life of the writer, and at the same time quote a sentence that is forever associated with him as a young man.

But then comes the turn! Shortly after the blow of this story, Caine’s representative told The Wrap that retirement is perhaps too strong a word. The Handelszeitung wrote that they had confirmed that Caine “will not be fully retired.” (VF has sought further clarification.)

It is believed that with Christopher Nolan prepare a biopic J. Robert Oppenheimer could at least have room for a brief cameo of Caine. The two have worked together on nine previous projects. (Who but Michael Caine could sell a line like that Interstellar‘s “I will have solved the problem of gravity”?)

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