Loans for people with bad credit -Guaranteed payday loan direct lender bad credit

There are more and more people who at some time need to request quick FCI online credits because they are accepted under very special conditions, such as giving a quick response after studying the application, and also because they do not need as many requirements and guarantees and are granted to a higher speed.

We know that being in the registry of FCI or other similar situations like RAI, appearing as a natural or legal person with debt, is detrimental to the granting of credit by any bank, for having been included in a register of defaulters.

At Bonsai Finance we have the experience of seeing that more and more credit companies are studying the borrower’s level of indebtedness in order to be able to grant a quick loan, albeit with interests that are normally much higher.

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Advantages of applying for fast FCI online credits

In any case, there are currently numerous financial institutions that offer guaranteed payday loan direct lender bad credit, you may use

1. Short-term liquidity

This type of credit allows you to obtain liquidity in a short period of time to deal with urgent payments. Actually, they are conceived as the last-minute solution for any type of contingency.

2. Restore debts

Some entities offer the opportunity to obtain a loan to return to the financial flow and to be able to reestablish debts with other entities and thus leave the register of defaulters.

3. Immediate grant

A quick loan allows you to obtain money in a very short period of time, between 24 and 48 hours. In addition, once the documentation is submitted, the entities give a very quick response to the acceptance of the request.

4. No justifications are needed

It is necessary to present the documentation, but not justify any reason why the money is requested.

Finally, it should be noted that the processing of this loan is usually done online in most entities, something that undoubtedly facilitates its achievement.

Disadvantages of requesting fast FCI credits online

If before we talked about the advantages of applying for a quick credit, we must also list its drawbacks:

1. High interests and commissions

The quick credits respond to greater confidence of the entity before the responsibility of the user with the debt. Although it is true that there are no opening fees, it is also true that interest ranges between 20% and 25% APR.

2. Economic limitations

Quick loans have a moderate amount that usually does not exceed 10 000 euros. While they are conceived as a short-term solution, they can also become a long-term problem. You have to do a good calculation to avoid contracting debts with the entity that makes the loan.

3. Be clients of the entity

Sometimes they ask to be clients to request a quick loan. Depending on the level of debt that reflects the delinquent file, the amount requested may be approved or denied.

4. The self-employed, with more problems

If you are self-employed, you still have something more complicated to access this type of loans if you are in FCI, because it is assumed that there is greater uncertainty in the income you generate and its periodicity.

In Bonsai Finance we have enough data to affirm that more and more financial entities are awarding fast FCI online credits, with which you can initially pay for a last-minute unforeseen event.