IDF veteran makes satirical short film about the military and British Jewry

Jonah Moore, an IDF veteran and former lone soldier, is currently funding a satirical film based on his life experiences between his time in the military and his Jewish childhood in the UK.

The pitch for the satirical short film about Indiegogo reads: “A British lone fighter’s plan to tell his family that he has left the IDF becomes impossible when he comes home to a surprise party to celebrate his service.”

The trailer for the short film entitled “Soldier Boy” was uploaded to YouTube about two weeks ago and can be found below:

The film’s team consists of director Tal Cicürel, producer Keren Shefet and screenwriter Jonah Moore, whose personal experiences as a lone soldier in the IDF inspired the project.

The project is also inspired by Moore’s experience of growing up as an under-represented minority group in the British Jewish community.

Filming is set to begin in London next November, and the filmmakers hope to have the film released by the end of the year.

The team argues that because of Moore’s decision to leave the military, the film “does not seek to debate the IDF’s moral issues,” but rather promises to delve deeper into other aspects of his life, such as relationship with Israel and of British Jewish culture.

Young Israeli filmmakers producing a short film in the market in the old city of Jerusalem on June 19, 2014. (Credit: HADAS PARUSH / FLASH90)

The filmmakers also hope that these topics will spark exciting discussions about Jewish identity and the diaspora.

Moore, now 24, served in the IDF between late 2015 and mid-2016, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

As of Tuesday morning, just over £ 1,600 (around $ 2,200) of the 10,000 used to fund film production on Indiegogo had been crowdfunded to cover the casting, film crew, location fees, equipment, props, marketing, etc.

The Indiegogo link to donate can be found here.
Other short films have been made that explore Judaism in the Diaspora. A film made in Germany called “Masel Tov Cocktail” deals with stereotypes that are often associated with the Judaism prevailing in the diaspora.
Another film, Birth Right, a play on words for the nonprofit education organization that sponsors free cultural heritage trips to Israel, focuses on participants’ experiences during their trip.

Stephen Silver / JTA and Joe Baur / JTA contributed to this report.

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