I will end ceaseless killings in 60 days if I am elected President – Ohuabunwa

A 2023 presidential candidate Mazi Samuel Ohuabunwa said he would end the ceaseless murder of Nigerians within 60 days if he is elected president.
However, the hopeful presidential candidate, who stated that he would reduce the security crisis to the brink, blamed the poor information gathering for the failures in the fight against insecurity.

Ohuabunwa, a pharmacist, politician and business manager, said this in a special interview at the LEADERSHIP podcast studio in Abuja.
Commenting on his plans to secure Nigeria, he said, “If I become President of Nigeria, Nigeria will be safe within the first 60 days. Security means that we have basic security. It’s not that we won’t have people fighting or fighting somewhere, but they will be on the fringes.

“I feel like our biggest mistake when it comes to security is lack of intelligence. The military believe that a war can be won by violence. I don’t think it turned out to be right – we fought Boko Haram for over 12 years.

“But how did we win against the militants in the Niger Delta? Was it by forcing them to surrender? We have to look at that. But for me we have to secure Nigeria. Every day I wake up to hear that someone has been killed in some part of the country, I feel like I have lost a brother, a son or a sister. That’s how I feel, and I’m not presumptuous, and that’s one of the things that makes me compete.

“So we’re going to secure this country: if we have to force it, we’ll do it; if we have to acquire it, we will; if we have to beg or negotiate for it, we will, but in 60 days this slaughter of Nigerians (as if we had become cows) will stop. “

When asked if it was that easy, he said, “It’s very easy. Between my announcement as president and my swearing-in, in these three months, we would have made it. Security is service and if you want the best, you can get it. We are in a state where we have to force things to change.
“The main job of the government is to separate us from people who are just out to kill us. If we try the same thing over and over and get the same result, some say it’s a sign of madness. We have to do something drastic and perhaps unusual to stop it, ”he said, adding that the situation in Nigeria was worrying.

“It is troubling to any patriotic Nigerian. You wake up to hear stories of Nigerians dying, not because of earthquakes or car accidents or some inevitable circumstance, but because people in the 21st century have chosen to take their anger out on other people. It is really unsettling to see people being killed this way. “

He added that his mission is to change the Nigerian narrative within two years by recruiting detribalized, enlightened, visionary and self-sacrificing leaders who seek nothing for themselves but to serve.

Realizing that Singapore was once like Nigeria, Ohuabunwa said he plans to change the narrative about Nigeria within a generation.
He expressed his regret that the Nigerian passport was no longer respected in the past, adding that when traveling out of the country he was mostly ashamed of the way Nigerians would be treated when entering other countries.

“When I become President of Nigeria after two years and people see you with your green passport, they will ask, ‘What is the miracle of Nigeria?’ The miracle will be that we have changed the narrative. “

He also deplored Nigeria’s failure over the years to build on the benefits of its diversity and harness its human and natural resources.
Despite not declaring himself a political party, the presidential candidate said he worked with like-minded politicians and technocrats under the New Nigeria Group platform.

He noted that the platform is a political movement that includes members of various political parties driven by an ideology to change the narrative of Nigeria.

Ohuabunwa noted, however, that after much deliberation, the movement will move into either the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) or the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a political bloc to seek the presidential ticket.

He said, however, that the prospects for a new political party to be deployed are not ruled out, even if it will be difficult.

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