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The personal recovery procedure (PRP) is a measure of last resort, and you risk being registered for 5 years at the FICP of the Bank in France. Credit redemption is a quick and easy way to get out of this situation before it’s too late.

We consolidate your payday loans

Once you have filed a statement with the Personal Debt Commission, it may suggest that you initiate a personal recovery procedure (PRP), if a debt settlement plan is not feasible for you in the future. close. For this procedure to be performed, the Board must have you complete a form that you will need to sign. The implementation of the personal recovery procedure may result in the decision that a portion of your personal wealth is liquidated (except for the property of your daily life or necessary for your work). Once your agreement is signed, a PRP enforcement judge will appoint a liquidator to make a list of your heritage assets. During a public hearing, the judge will analyze your financial situation before pronouncing the reinstatement procedure. Your debts will be erased, except professional tax debts or attached to criminal convictions.

If you prefer to avoid a personal reinstatement procedure, you will be advised to quickly consult a credit redemption broker. He will explain the advantages of payday loan consolidation and will advise you on the repayment period adapted to your budget. For example, you will be able to repay your loans in a single monthly payment over an extended period, which will reduce the monthly payments that you had to meet before this process. Thus, you will enjoy more freedom to manage your daily budget, and you will not risk being registered in the FICP file of the Bank in France. With a group of loans, you can finance new projects such as the purchase of a second home or work to be done on the house. In some cases, you will be able to finance your tax debts or the delay of rent.

Opt for professionalism and experience

Opt for professionalism and experience

To consult a broker specializing in the purchase of credits, it is better to contact recognized companies such as ours. His long experience of more than 15 years in this field is a criterion appreciated by his clientele. On his professional online service, all his brokers have followed the required training and completed a diploma recognized by the Lagarde law to specialize in this business. A personalized study of your file, according to your situation, will be carried out by your broker-advisor. Efficiency, simplicity and availability are the values you will find at our company.