Fact check: Did the heads of state and government violate Covid protocols at the G7 summit?

The recently concluded G7 summit was the first face-to-face meeting of the participating heads of state since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. From June 11th to 13th, the leaders of the economic superpowers met in Cornwall, England to discuss a range of global issues.

However, the summit has been heavily criticized on social media, with many users claiming that world leaders have openly violated Covid restrictions. Several snapshots of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, among others, show them without masks and in Proximity.

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) noted that the overall summit was conducted in a Covid-safe manner, although there are some pictures of guides with no masks and no social distancing. The participants were regularly subjected to Covid tests and all world market leaders were at least partially vaccinated. Some events took place outdoors and the maximum number of participants was limited to 30.

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What AFWA found

Search various media reports and the official Twitter handle from G-7 it is evident that participants followed the UK’s Covid protocols.

However, some pictures of a beach barbeque in a Cornish seaside resort after the second day of talks drew criticism for failing to comply with Covid standards.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman, Max Blain, told the Associated Press that there were fewer than 30 guests at the barbecue, according to the country’s restrictions.

“It was carried out in a completely Covid-safe manner within the existing rules. You can see that it was a relaxed atmosphere and gave the executives the opportunity to discuss outside of a formal setting, ”Blain said.

Several photos, included in media reports and on the Getty Images website, show that world leaders greet each other with elbow bumps, wear masks and maintain social distance.

In a statement to USA Today, a UK cabinet spokesman said: “All participants and delegations had to comply with UK health regulations throughout the meeting. We have asked them to adhere to strict Covid-safe measures, including daily tests before arrival and regularly during the summit. “

There were also some horrors.

At the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting last month, the entire Indian delegation went into 10 days of self-isolation after two members of the team tested positive at the summit.

However, the claim on social media that world leaders openly violated Covid protocols during the recently concluded G7 summit is misleading.

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Fact check: Did the heads of state and government violate Covid protocols at the G7 summit?

claimNo masks, no social distancing, no quarantine – there were no coronavirus restrictions at this year’s G7 summit. ConclusionThe G7 participants were tested regularly and most of the world leaders were already vaccinated. Outdoor events were limited to 30 participants. However, there are some pictures of leaders greeting each other in close proximity without a mask.


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