Ecommerce product releases: June 15, 2021

Here is a list of product releases and updates for mid-June from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on Deferred Funding, Social Commerce, B2B Solutions, Affiliate Marketing, Fraud Prevention, and Sales Tax.

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E-commerce product releases

Shopify launches store installment payments. Shopify launched Installment Payments, a buy it now and checkout service for Shopify merchants. Powered by Affirm exclusively, installment payments are now available to all US merchants and will automatically be enabled for new merchants when they activate Shopify Payments and Shop Pay. Shop Pay installments allow merchants to deliver a quick and easy checkout experience through Shop Pay, and merchants maintain a centralized view of performance.

Shopify Blog Announcing the Launch of Shop Pay Payments

Swiftly Systems and Juniper Networks Partner to Accelerate Digital Growth in Brick-and-Mortar Retail. Swiftly Systems, a player in retail media networks, and Juniper Networks, a manufacturer of networking hardware and software, have announced a partnership to connect digital brick-and-mortar retail capabilities to consumer technologies. two companies. This combined solution will allow retailers to connect with shoppers by leveraging Juniper’s Mist AI wireless location technology and Swiftly’s retail media platform for advertising.

Pinterest launches Shopping List and expands shopping functionalities and merchant tools. Pinterest launched Shopping List, a method for pinners to automatically save their product pins in one place, making it easier for them to come back and purchase the items when they’re ready to buy. Pinners are also notified of great offers on products they’ve registered with price drop notifications. Available first in the US and UK, Shopping List will arrive in Australia, Canada, France and Germany later this year. Pinterest is also expanding its suite of merchant tools with the launch of (i) the Verified Merchant Program in the UK, Australia, Canada, France and Germany, (ii) a store tab on the profile, and (iii) product marking in Australia. , Canada, France and Germany.

Screenshot of the Pinterest newsroom page on two smartphone screens

Pinterest’s newsroom announces new ways to shop on the platform.

Messenger API for Instagram opens to all developers. Facebook has opened up the Messenger API for Instagram to all developers. Businesses can now integrate Instagram messaging with their favorite apps and workflows, helping generate conversations that increase customer satisfaction and sales. The Messenger API for Instagram will be available to all developers who want to start building on the platform. For business accounts on Instagram wishing to access the Messenger API, Facebook will deploy access via a progressive approach.

BigCommerce Launches B2B Edition for Enterprise Merchants. BigCommerce announced the global launch of B2B Edition, which enhances the selling experience for B2B business merchants. B2B Edition provides an advanced suite of B2B features through exclusive partner integration of BundleB2B and BigCommerce Enterprise. The result helps merchants better facilitate online transactions and provide customers with seamless transactions and self-service capabilities. BigCommerce Enterprise provides enterprise B2B sales functionality and seamless integration with point of sale and ERP platforms. B2B Edition extends these capabilities to streamline integration, support, and contract services into a single package with a single point of contact.

Home page: B2B edition of BigCommerce

B2B BigCommerce Edition

Wix launches point-of-sale features. Wix, a software-as-a-service website building platform, has announced the launch of Wix POS services. Wix business owners can now accept secure in-person payments for goods and services in-store, online, and on the go, allowing them to manage sales, inventory and data directly from the Wix platform. Wix POS is fully integrated with a user’s Wix account, synchronizing inventory, orders, fulfillment, CRM, analytics, data and reports. Wix business owners can choose from a variety of point-of-sale hardware kits.

Instagram introduces affiliate and store features. Instagram is launching new ways to help creators monetize their digital efforts. Some designers can now label the products of the brands they work with or use the stores for their own product line. Over the next few months, Instagram will be testing a native affiliate tool to allow creators to discover new products available at checkout, share them with their followers, and earn commissions for purchases, all within the Instagram app. . When they come across an affiliate post from a creator featuring a tagged product, visitors will see “Commission Eligible” at the top of the post, so it’s clear that their purchases are helping support that creator.

American Express Brings Online Fraud Prevention Services to More Merchants. American Express announced that it is teaming up with other online fraud prevention companies to help stop missing card fraud and make online shopping safer for its merchants and cardholders. Enhanced Authorization, American Express Fraud Identification Service, is now integrated via API into Accertify’s Fraud and Abuse Protection Platform, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and Riskified’s fraud management platform. Additional integrations are planned over time. Merchants can also share enhanced transaction details directly with American Express in the authorization request or through the enhanced authorization API.

American Express Home Page Showing Enhanced Authorization Service

American Express Enhanced Authorization

Tradeswell Announces Integration of Criteo to Strengthen Brands Presence in Retail Media Markets. To help e-commerce brands reach and convert consumers through sponsored product ads, Tradeswell, an e-commerce optimization platform, announced an integration with Criteo’s Retail Media service. Integration enables brands to monitor, manage and optimize their ad spend across all markets in a unified environment.

Stripe launches Stripe Tax. After acquiring TaxJar earlier this year, Stripe launched Stripe Tax, which automates the calculation and collection of sales tax, value-added tax, and goods and services tax for transactions made through the Stripe platform. Businesses can activate Stripe Tax by adding a single line of code to their website. Stripe Tax determines the precise location of your customer and calculates and collects the correct amount of tax.

Etsy buys Depop social app to appeal to Gen Z shoppers. Etsy acquires Depop, a social shopping app for Gen Z shoppers (around 15-30). Depop is like eBay and Instagram combined, giving users a way to buy and sell second-hand items, including vintage clothing, collectible sneakers, or accessories. “Depop is a dynamic, two-sided marketplace with a passionate community, a highly differentiated offering of unique items and potential for expansion,” Etsy CEO Josh Silverman said in a statement Wednesday. The purchase price is $ 1.6 billion.

Depop home page


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