Devolver Max Pass +, Satire to the Max in Devolver’s E3 Conference 2021

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Devolver’s 2021 conference was a standout event during E3 week, not only offering a satire on the gaming industry, but also some real physical purchases for the players, all of which was obscured by the lens of a fake subscription-based service. Touted as Devolver Max Pass +, a game on HBO Max, Disney Plus, and Xbox Game Pass, this subscription-based service is “a groundbreaking new way to let consumers pay for content under the warm blanket of subscription service. A free subscription service for premium consumers that unlocks access to dozens, possibly hundreds of dozen, of premium purchases that are only available to the most important users. “

The 2021 conference started with the idea that every conference from 2018 to 2020 would be a pitch for the Devolver CEO who called himself the Devolver Cinema Universe. Now that Nina is playing the role of a humble marketing agent, she and the rest of the marketing team are advocating monetizing monetization. To pay for the ability to purchase games at the expense of Disney Plus’ decision to make viewers pay an entry fee to the service only to pay an additional $ 30 to watch new movies when they are released on the service . This is how the idea of ​​Devolver Max Pass + is presented, and what follows were the announcements for games and merchandise for subscribers to the theoretical subscription-based service. Here are the announced games and some physical items that were offered for sale on the Devolver Max Pass + website.

Flying Wild Hog has something up its sleeve after fishing the wacky Shadow Warrior 3 due out later this year, and while Lo Wang’s next foray into the FPS genre doesn’t have a set release date, players have a look at players the developer’s next title. Trek to Yomi is the story of a samurai who has to keep a promise to his dying master. To save his loved ones, he must face himself and any adversaries that stand in his way if he is to continue his search. A story-centric and difficult title than the light-hearted and wild Shadow Warrior series, Flying Wild Hog delivers a true samurai epic in Trek to Yomi in 2022.

In this first person platform game, players face a dangerous temple full of traps, pitfalls and rolling boulders. The player is not alone, however, as he will be accompanied by ghosts of the players who have already traveled through the temple and eventually witnessed its downfall. The player is also equipped with a grappling hook and whip combo that allows them to reach higher areas without ruining the swing of that gauntlet of age-old challenges. Phantom Abyss will be released next Tuesday the 22nd.nd.

Phantom Abyss on Steam
Phantom abyss

The 2021 Devolver conference continued with a word from Andrew Rosales, a marketing genius. In this segment he introduces the idea of ​​the Devolver Max Pass clothing and shows a completely purple suit emblazoned with the Devolver Max Pass + logo. During the presentation it was also about the fashion, whether the players will actually pay for the said service or not. Players who eventually visited the Devolver Max Pass + website found that the suit was actually for sale, costing a total of $ 500. In fact, there are two for sale. The production team for the Devolver Showcase was more concerned that the actor wearing the suit would get chili on it while filming. The suit remained intact, however, and players were able to purchase the suit, with all of the money donated to Glass Embroidery, the company that made the suit. Both suits were sold, and in fact, the entire Devolver Max Pass + Merch was sold out.

The merch was followed by a new title from the developer Galvanic Games with the title Wizard With a Gun. It’s a cooperative sandbox game where players control wizards trying to survive in the wild with gameplay similar to Don’t Starve Together. The wizards trade their wands for hand cannons as they conquer the magical wilderness and venture further into the unknown to build bases to combat wildlife and renegade wizards. Players can increase their arcane power until it is too much for themselves. Wizard with a gun starts in 2022 on Switch and PC.

Acid Nerve is cooking up something interesting with Death’s Door. The players slip into the role of a crow whose task in this world is to gather and reap the souls of the dead. However, the player character will go wrong if one of the souls he has taken in is stolen by a thief. This puts the player in a world that lies beyond the limits of death, where the characters they encounter are inundated with greed and magical power as their expiration date is well past. This isometric hack-n-slash adventure hits Xbox consoles and PC on July 20ththe.

Εξοικονομήστε 15% στο death door στο steam
The door of death

From the creator of Pony island and Hex comes another game that will confuse, terrify, and push players to the edge of their seats. In Inscryption, players sit in a room with a character playing cards that they cannot see due to a mask they are wearing. However, everything is not what it seems, as the player is actually held captive in this cubicle, which he knows nothing about, and is forced to play cards with this apparent kidnapper. However, the player can get up and play around with what’s going on around the table by combining deck building, playing the game invented by the kidnapper, and solving escape room style puzzles. With encryption, players have to make sacrifices in trying to survive the captivity of whoever sits across from them. The game will be released sometime this year.

As a satirical and very real mobile game, Devolver will release Tumble Time sometime this year in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, in which players solve physics-based puzzles with small Chibi versions of characters from the catalog of Devolver titles. While this is an obvious satire of the Disney mobile game Tsum Tsum, Devolver promises fun and addicting physics-based puzzle gameplay and all the ads consumers could ever ask for because, according to the conference, “nothing is free”.

Demon Throttle is the next game from doinksoft, the brains behind the Metroidvania title GatoRoboto. The game is a top-down 8-bit shoot-em-up game with two-player functionality. The players slip into the role of a vampire and a gunslinger, as a demon has insulted them both, slept with the gunslinger’s wife and stole the mystical chalices from the vampire. The players fight their way through several levels of bullet hell and take up the fight to the army of demons to save the dignity of the gunslinger and to return the goblets.

Demo choke

The game will only be available physically through Special Reserve Games and will not be available in digital stores any time soon. However, pre-orders are still open and will continue to be open until October 13ththe. The game will ship in 2022 and will be available in two versions: one with just the game and instruction booklet and one that is part of the special reserve set that includes more art, a leather case, and more for the physical media collectors. Demon Throttle will cost players $ 30 for the regular copy and $ 40 for the special reserve copy.

The conference ended with the entire Devolver 2021 presentation being put on a VHS and sold. The Devolver Max Pass + presentation was literally transferred to VHS tape and sold to a single buyer for $ 1000. The so-called Non-F *** withable Tape, or NFT for short, the inner flap of the tape was “forcibly removed” to prevent copying and recording of the tape, making one copy of the Devolver presentation the only existing copy. That final announcement was an obvious reference to the NFT craze that began with the 100 Thieves and other esports teams and artists around the world starting in 2021. The $ 1,000 someone paid for the tape will also be donated to the Scratch Foundation, an online charity that helps children around the world get a head start on programming to use their own animation, games, and other artistic creations from computers to create.

At the end of the presentation, the pitch turned out to be a complete success, and while the CEO congratulates the marketing team on a job well done, Nina wakes up from it all and realizes that it was just a dream.

Lots of fans watch the Devolver presentation hoping it will be entertained as the 2021 Devolver Conference is something that is a breath of fresh air from the constant corporate talks and boring announcements companies make during E3. While there are some standout presentations like those from Microsoft and Nintendo, the Devolver conference always has something to look forward to during the E3 season. Players who want to learn more about the announced games or check out the Devolver Max Pass + site can leave Visit it now.

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