Death of Sean Lock – Comedian “left £ 3 million family” when friend Bill Bailey said he “laughed to the end” before dying from lung cancer


Eddie Izzard paid tribute to Sean Lock’s “beautifully surreal” comedy when he died at the age of 58, saying, “His legacy lives on forever.” The 8-out-of-10 cat star died with his family a fight against cancer and tributes from the world of comedy have come in.

Comedian Izzard told PA News Agency, “I think Sean Lock started comedy almost at the same time as I did, so we were contemporaries.

“I do these weird, surreal things, but his things were beautifully surreal and I was kind of jealous of what Sean could do because his mind was bobbing around. I don’t know if he wrote, but he must have sat down and wrote some things, but it flashed and produced such crazy pictures.

“He takes beautiful, surreal pictures, but he also goes to some dark or mischievous place that you wouldn’t expect or that most viewers don’t expect, and I encourage people to get online – ‘Sean Lock,’ put that in Google in and check out his best bits on YouTube and you will see his work and especially with the panel games you can see he just riffs.

“He riffs and he goes to this place and people just argue and other comedians drop out. That’s the thing. You’re trying to make other comedians laugh and he might do that. He could go to places that we didn’t expect anyone would visit. “

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