Credit Real Estate: Who Wants To Make Money?

Becoming a homeowner is a priority for 77% of French tenants according to an IFOP survey for the Laforêt network. At the time of buying, the French show traditionalism. To obtain their financing, they trust their banker first and foremost. Excluding, in times of tense real estate market, the best way to obtain a cheaper financing solution adapted to his project is to go through a “Intermediary in Bank Operation and Payment Services” (IOBSP), more commonly known as broker in real estate loans. Focus on this regulated profession, which allows borrowers to lighten their efforts and achieve great savings.


Broker: a regulated profession

Optimize the cost of your mortgage

The profession of broker is to take charge of the search for real estate financing on behalf of future borrowers. To do this, they sign the broker a search for funding. Attention, this document is mandatory! Be wary of those who take steps without taking this precaution. Since 1 January 2013, the IOBSP must prove professional skills to do their job. Several levels have been created. The status of “broker in banking operations and payment services” requires proof of training or professional experience.


Optimize the cost of your mortgage

What motivates borrowers to use a credit broker? In the first place, get the best rate! However, there are other advantages to entrusting your file to a professional financing negotiation. In addition to saving on the cost of the loan, a broker can also be expected to negotiate the application fee, loan insurance, collateral, and other elements associated with project financing. Beyond the economic aspects, his experience gained in banking also allows borrowers to benefit from relevant advice, and to achieve a financial package tailored to their situation. Finally, saving time is one of the main benefits expected by borrowers. In this matter, it is technically impossible to do faster than a broker. Indeed, it accesses circuits to which you do not have access as an individual.


What economy can represent a rate cut?

What economy can represent a rate cut?

A mortgage of € 250,000 over 20 years, obtained at a rate excluding insurance of 3.20% instead of 3.80% represents a saving of € 18,497, only on the cost of interest. Added to this is the feasible savings on the cost of loan insurance, and banking fees. With a delegation of insurance taken out with the broker, the customer saves 8500 euros on the cost of his credit insurance. In the end, the customer earns 26,997 euros on the total cost of his credit with exemption of the file fees to the bank and the absence of brokerage fees through BT Loan * .


How much does a broker’s intervention cost?

Brokers in real estate loans work in partnership with banking institutions. The latter pay them in return for the work done (study, editing and constitution of the loan file) and the connection with future customers. Their remuneration is generally supplemented by fees paid by the clients, paid to the release of the funds except at BT Loan which has the peculiarity of offering the expenses of bank record and brokerage to any borrower who buys his principal residence or which invests in the purchase of a secondary or rental home and which have less than three properties.

Thanks to this offer, BT Loan is at the top of the national ranking of a large consumer association, like the broker who “offers the cheapest credit through a delegation of insurance negotiated by him and the absence of a fee brokerage ” .


BT Loan has been helping individuals for 15 years in their search for home loans

BT Loan has been helping individuals for 15 years in their <a href=search for home loans” />

Since the creation of BT Loan, we have funded more than 1 billion credits, and 40% of our clients come by recommendation. BT Loan’ steady growth in market share can be explained by its thorough knowledge of the business and banking sector. His experience allows him to obtain for his clients the credit rates and the most advantageous borrower insurance on the market.