What have we learned from 20 years of 9/11 comedy?

A now well-known joke that circulated within the first or second year after September 11, 2001 goes as follows: “Knock Knock!” “Who’s there? “9/11.” “9/11 who?” “You promised you’d never forget it.” The punch line, of course, relates to the chorus that became ubiquitous in the United States after the …

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Satire: take me to your leader

By Laurie Baron, Ph.D Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO – Like most Martians, I live under the planet because it’s too hot or too cold. When I occasionally venture to the top to soak up the sun or see the stars, I get annoyed at how littered the landscape has become …

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A satire of celebrity not to be missed

In its second season, the little-noticed but excellent satire makes the leap from Comedy Central to HBO Max and is even better there. HBO max By Valerie Ettenhofer Published on August 22, 2021 Welcome to Previously On, a column that gives you an overview of the latest in TV. This …

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