Bully Ray defends Seth Rollins for criticizing him for failing to hit the fan during the attack

At WWE Raw on Monday Elisah Spencer, 24, attacked Seth Rollins after Rollins defeated Finn Balor.

As Rollins went up the ramp, a fan knocked him to the ground. Rollins hit a guillotine stranglehold before a referee and eventual security forces stepped in to take the fan away. Rollins never turned on the fan.

Bully Ray said on an episode of Busted Open Radio that in this situation, Rollins was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing.

“People agree on social media, ‘Oh Rollins is a punk for not knocking him out of the shit.’ No, he’s not, he’s a pro, you can’t shoot back because then they sue you, then they sue the company, then they sue the arena, then they just get happy.

“And then the jury looks at you and says, ‘Well, Seth, you escaped that guy. Did you really have to go back and slap him in the face? ‘

“‘Yeah, but the guy attacked me.’ “Yeah, we understand. The guy attacked you and that’s what Arena Security is for, and that’s what WWE Security is for. It’s your job to control the guy and get him out of there, not your job to get him out of there.” kick in the face. ‘

“That’s why you don’t do this. Seth saved the company a lot of headaches last night. Most guys don’t have that kind of self-control. I’ve seen it a hundred times. The boys only drool to get that one shot. “

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