Brij launches QR Code One-Touch product registration

Brij, which works to connect physical products to digital experiences, was launched on Tuesday, June 15 to enable one-touch product registration and reorganization, according to a Press release.

Using the platform, brands can create tailor-made experiences for their products, accessible via a QR code, the release said. Customers who scan the QR code on the product or its packaging will be able to register, place a new order, and view relevant content for the product at any time.

Brands can also use this channel to communicate directly with consumers, according to the statement.

“The rapid adoption of QR codes since the start of the pandemic has opened up a new channel for interacting with consumers that simply didn’t exist before,” said Brij co-founder and CEO. Kait stephens in the output. “With our code-free platform and our integration with Shopify, we help brands maximize the potential of this new channel and retain their customers in an unmatched way.

Brij seeks to address an issue that brands are experiencing when selling through third party retailers, which may involve the retailer with consumer data, preventing brands from reaching customers as well as they would like after a sale. , indicates the press release. Brij’s strategy is to create a new channel for brands to reach their customers.

The service could be popular, as the release said 72 percent of survey respondents to a September MobileIron survey said they used a QR code in the past month. Much of the change can be attributed to the pandemic, as many businesses have started using QR codes to further facilitate cashless shopping and contactless services.

PYMNTS reported that QR codes have been an innovation that will go a long way in keeping businesses on the move with no hands in the picture.

In places like China, the codes were already widespread even before the pandemic. The QR Code Payments Tracker® revealed that 74% of Chinese customers use mobile devices to pay, and that QR codes are involved in around 95% of these transactions.



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