Apple’s Mr. Corman, Netflix’s Outer Banks are among the great shows to be streamed this weekend


ON Colbert report and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Writer Meredith Scardino’s sometimes hilarious comedy works best in her flashback moments to the heights of former girls band glory. With its perfectly pitched, pointed – and sometimes black – humor, it is reminiscent of the sports mockumentaries with Andy Samberg in the lead role 7 days in hell and Tour de pharmacy.

Music videos for less successful songs like Stop flying planes in my heart are an uproar, while interviews where women say things like, “We’ve been best friends since we all auditioned for the same man at a New Jersey motel” are laughable.

But while not all modern comedy stylings work and the characters can give it a little touch, there’s enough clever teamwork, wise observations, and funny lines to keep audiences hooked throughout the eight episodes.

Ted Lasso, Mr. Corman and the second season of Outer Banks are some of the great shows to stream this weekend.


Ted Lasso, Mr. Corman and the second season of Outer Banks are some of the great shows to stream this weekend.


Based in part on the childhood of creator and Indian-American comedian Mindy Kaling, this coming-of-age dramedy centers on a high school student grappling with her father’s death.

In its second season of 10 episodes, the series starred Canadian teen Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and replaced former tennis star John McEnroe, who provides the show’s main narrative.

I have never doesn’t skip a beat on his return and remains entertaining, challenging and fun to spend time with. ” wrote paste Radhika Menon. of the magazine.

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First, watch the Apple TV show filmed in New Zealand with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


While its general tone of introspective mumblecore dramedy is certainly not for everyone, this show, partly filmed from New Zealand, offers flashes of inspiration and attributable recognition. There are scenes (especially of frustration) that will hit a nerve for many, from battling to connect to battling call center workers.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s story drip provides information about the longstanding problems of his protagonist: A mention of his real estate mother here, the hint that his father could have opened a credit card there in his name, as well as photos of his former muse Megan.

It is designed to attract the viewer in the long run, but whether it works for you depends on your tolerance / love for that Looper, founding and Third stone from the sun star and his somewhat emotionally stunted “hero”.


Three-part documentary exploring Barack Obama’s path from early childhood to the 44th President of the United States against the backdrop of the country’s evolving racial history.

Includes a large number of political experts analyzing how race and politics are intertwined to lead to the first African American President of the United States.

“Even five hours require a lot of difficult decisions, but [director Peter] Kunhardt summed up Obama’s presidency well, both for those who can remember it and for generations to come. ” wrote CNN.coms Brian Lowry.

The second season of Outer Banks is now available to stream on Netflix.


Set in a North Carolina coastal town, this sun-kissed teen drama is back for a second season of mystery and intrigue.

It follows a group of working class locals who often grapple with the settlement’s more affluent residents who only visit the place seasonally. This ten-part season opens with the group’s ringleader, John B. Routledge (Chase Stokes), who is tracking down a gold loot apparently linked to his father.

“The real appeal of Outer banks is his sense of fun and unusual adventure, like an older one Goonies associated with more death-defying missions “, wrote AV clubs Gwen Ihnat.


Emmy and BAFTA award winning writer Andrew Davies brings Jane Austen’s unfinished final novel to life in this eight-part historical drama.

It tells the story of the impulsive and unconventional Charlotte Heywood, who trades her quiet country house for the intrigues and dances of an up-and-coming coastal town.

From the available 24,000 words, Davies has created a delicious time drama full of misunderstandings, intriguing siblings, family happiness, caddish gentlemen, confidences, conspiracies and “mean, stingy old monsters” that the genre demands. First-class costumes, classy production design and a fresh storyline combine to create a strong mix.

Jason Sudeikis is Ted Lasso.


Jason Sudeikis is Ted Lasso.


When the Apple TV + series first debuted last year, I dismissed the transatlantic fish-out-of-water football comedy as forgotten foam. The first episode seemed full of predictable caricatures (the bitter captain, the vain star playmaker) and laborious premises, the show was only saved by the homemade philosophies and unsuspecting enthusiasm of Jason Sudeikis’ coach of the same name.

But after finally being persuaded to go further, as the show and Sudeikis continued to garner more and more awards, I discovered that it was indeed a rare, upbeat comedy that celebrates both the beautiful game and the quirky joys of the English language .

Now it’s back for a second, 12-part season and Sudeikis (who also helped develop the sitcom) and Co. have reached even greater comedic heights as Lasso-trained AFC Richmond has plunged to new depths.


It is do like Beckham-meets-The big sick one. The young updated to reflect a more multicultural, enlightened UK. The craziest band since Spinal Tap and Bad News.

Welcome to the most electrifying, entertaining and endlessly funniest British sitcom in the ages.

The six-part series by writer and director Nida Manzoor is a boisterous laugh full of unforgettable moments, strange and wonderful fantasy flights and meditations on the dangers of modern life and dating as a young British Muslim woman.

If you’re a fan of disrespectful, anarchic comedy, you’re going to love this series that up the scale of humor. covers Wayne’s world to Four lions.

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