5 Ways There Can Be Carnage Is Better Than The Original (& 5 It’s Worse)

On October 1st, 2021, Poison: Let there be slaughter finally in the cinemas. The return of Eddie Brock and his symbiote companion has filled many fans of the unusual duo with excitement. The audience flocked to the cinemas to experience the second part of the film Poison Franchise.

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Let there be carnage has received mixed reviews, with audiences far more enthusiastic than critics, just like the first Poison. But the audience also has to agree Let there be carnage is not perfect. Some fans say it’s an improvement over that Poison 1, others that it’s worse – all for different reasons.

10 BETTER: Carnage is more memorable than riot

Carnage is perhaps Venom’s most notorious villain, so it’s not surprising that he’s far more memorable than Riot, the antagonist in the first film. Carlton Drake and his symbiote aren’t very exciting in terms of depth. Drake’s motivations are unimaginative and lackluster at best, as he’s just another misanthropic scientist fed up with humanity.

Carnage manages to be more complex. Serial killer Cletus Kasady actually gets a more relatable background. He is raised by an abusive family, which results in him murdering them. Sent to St. Estes Home for Unwanted Children, he finds refuge and love with the outcast Frances Barrison. Let there be carnage is also the story of Cletus’ reunion with Frances, which towers over her Poison‘s plot.

9 WORSE: Combats Rehash old stuff

Despite improving the villain’s motivations, the same cannot be said about the fights. Given that both Carnage and Riot are symbiotes, Carnage’s confrontation with Venom is repetitive and almost boring. It’s intense in its own way, but there is too much in common for it to be comfortable.

It would have been better if Venom’s second villain had been someone with a non-symbiotic nature to give the post-Riot audience a break, renew their interest, and cultivate their passion for Carnage even more.

8th BETTER: Shriek adds an interesting element

Cletus’ love interest, Frances Barrison, is one of the most relevant elements in the film. It has its own superpower and its sound screeching seriously damages symbionts. This is very important, and not just because it makes you a threat to Venom. Their existence and Cletus’ feelings for them create a rift between the symbiote Carnage and Cletus. This is something that never happened in the comics and it allows Venom to defeat him.

7th WORSE: Shriek asks a lot of unanswered questions

While Shriek’s presence is an exciting addition, it also introduces some confusing details. The source of her powers is never explained, although she specifically mentions a mutation. While she’s a mutant in the comics, people who don’t know that background will no doubt be amazed.

With Shriek, the Ravencroft Institute was also added. Often compared to the Arkham Asylum in DC, the institute houses overpowering villains in facilities immune to their respective abilities. Again, this is confusing as superpowers appear to be far more widespread in the US Poison Universe than the audience has previously led them to believe.

6th BETTER: Eddie and Venom are finally getting stable

Eddie Brock in conversation with the Venom symbiote

The best part of the Poison Films is without a doubt the relationship between Eddie and his symbiote. In the first film, Eddie struggles to get used to the life of Venom’s host. This fight continues in Let there be carnageuntil both characters reach their breaking point. After a vicious fight, Venom leaves Eddie and takes over other hosts, leaving a trail of dead bodies.

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The two eventually reunite, just like in the first film. but Let there be carnage brings a revelation for Eddie when he finally decides to give up the pretense of being the normal Eddie Brock. He and the symbiote leave their old lives behind and forge plans to become superheroes, much to Venom’s enthusiasm.

5 WORSE: Your relationship with Anne is in the past

Anne Weying was always very important to Eddie and, surprisingly, to Venom. Let there be carnage That doesn’t change that, and it is actually her abduction that forces Venom to confront Carnage. But there seems to be a lot more distance between Anne and Eddie now than in the past. She’s finally engaged to Dan Lewis, which Eddie and Venom find difficult to accept. When Eddie and Venom leave, the goodbye between the three of them seems pretty much final.

4th BETTER: Mulligan’s transformation sets the stage for the next villain

Image shared by Stephen Graham as Patrick Mulligan and Toxin Comic

Another character that is important everywhere Let there be carnage is cop Patrick Mulligan. First seen escorting Frances Barrington from St. Estes, he shoots her in the eyes as she tries to escape. She vows revenge and many years later Carnage kidnaps him as a gift to her. Patrick appears to be dying at Shriek’s hands, but the end of the film shows that he is still alive and his eyes are glowing blue.

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This is very likely an indication of Mulligan’s transformation into toxin from the comics. Although Toxin is also an antihero character, she is known to be pretty brutal. He could very easily be the next villain in the franchise, especially considering Patrick’s enmity with Eddie. This means that the transition between films can be more seamless and the antagonist has more room to develop.

3 WORSE: Still focused on fighting symbiotes

Gift Let The Be Carnage 7

Assuming Toxin does become the next bad guy, that’s safe to say Let there be carnage sets up his successor to repeat one of his greatest mistakes. Poison 3 will be another symbiotic battle. So far, Venom’s confrontations with such alien beings have drawn audiences into the theaters, and it makes sense considering the kind of villains he sees in the comics.

Still, the lack of originality is a huge drawback and can be fatal for the series if the producers are not careful. Comic book Venom has some non-symbiote opponents, like Jack O’Lantern and the Sin-Eater. It would be a good idea to use one of them in future installments.

2 BETTER: The Post-Credits promise a reunion with Spider-Man

Poison 2 let it be a carnage Spider-Man mcu

Let there be carnage may not offer many surprises when confronted with the real villain, but the post-credits scene almost makes up for that. When Venom notes that Eddie’s human mind couldn’t process the knowledge of an ancient symbiote, Eddie challenges him to show him one thing.

Suddenly, Venom and Eddie somehow travel to a hotel room very different from their previous one and watch as Spider-Man’s identity is revealed – just as it used to be Far away from home, and included with Tom Hollands picture. This suggests that Venom and his oldest opponent may still have a chance to meet.

1 WORSE: Putting slaughter in a PG-13 movie seems like a bad joke

Cletus Kasady and Carnage poster for Venom: Let There Be Carnage

As Poison 1, Let there be carnage is a PG-13 film. While the evaluation seemed less of a problem when Riot was the antagonist, the lack of graphic violence feels in a movie where Carnage is the main antagonist. Eddie also does his best to keep Venom’s murderous impulses at bay until he eats chickens.

This means LTBC turns two characters straight from a nightmare into tame shadows of their true selves. The closest thing to the shocking violence is that Venom ends up beheading Cletus, but even that feels disappointing. If there is a big problem with Poison 2, the fact is that there isn’t much blood involved in a movie with the word “carnage” in the title.

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