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Celebrate with these 7 Austen movies

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since a boy? Gwyneth Paltrow our hearts when Emma stole Woodhouse, flirted with Mr. Knightley, and exchanged jokes with bow and arrow in hand? Sane people may not want stupid women, but they do crave a good Jane Austen adaptation, and Paltrow’s Emma …

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Satire: take me to your leader

By Laurie Baron, Ph.D Laurie Baron SAN DIEGO – Like most Martians, I live under the planet because it’s too hot or too cold. When I occasionally venture to the top to soak up the sun or see the stars, I get annoyed at how littered the landscape has become …

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Superman was always * the worst * film Daily

Just because Superman is known as the great blue boy scout doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own flaws. After all, Superman was raised as a human. As many of us know, people make mistakes. But what are the moments when Superman is actually the worst? What are the moments …

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