Monthly Archives: July 2021

Hershey’s PayDay candy bar name doesn’t change

The claim: The PayDay candy bar changes its name because it offends the unemployed PayDay lovers can relieve themselves: An old rumor about the name change of the chocolate bar is just insane. The claim, which has been circulating online since the summer of 2020, reappeared in several recent Facebook …

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Best Sitcoms of the 90s, Ranking

Any form of entertainment reflects changing pop culture trends, and watch TV remains one of the most versatile and evolving forms of storytelling. Different genres have found a home on television Sitcoms are a type of programming This has been popular since the very beginning of the medium. Comedy is …

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Why escaping from LA is actually a good thing

John CarpenterClassic from 1981 Escape from New York is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and Collider’s Vinnie Mancuso has brilliantly described why it is one of the epitome of action and science fiction films of the 80s. Kurt Russell gifted moviegoers with one of its greatest characters of all …

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