10 TV shows like Amazon Primes Modern Love

Heartwarming, tearful and charming are some of the adjectives viewers would use to describe the anthology series Modern love, based on the eponymous New York Times Column touching moving stories of romantic, familial and platonic love. The show has gotten pretty addicting for its fans, and after playing two seasons of the romantic show, they just want more.

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While a third season of the series may be a long way off, there are plenty of other shows that evoke the same feelings and emotions as Modern love does. Fans have a lot to see while waiting for their favorite anthology to return.

10 Love (2016-2018)

Paul Rust as Gus and Gillian Jacobs as Mickey in Love

The series directed by Judd Apatow love showed a realistic and bittersweet nature of love between the impulsive Mickey and the clumsy and clingy Gus who happened to meet one hungover morning. The show explores the stages of their relationship and how it develops, with all the flaws of love.

Both characters have serious flaws, but their bad choices make for a pragmatic watch that can’t help but fight for the screwed up young couple even if they make terrible mistakes.

9 This is us (2016-)

This is us Season 6: Kevin and Randall

Known for the emotional roller coaster ride This is us For the uninitiated, it can be a show that tracks the lives and family affairs of the big three Kevin, Kate and Randall and their parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson.

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The show encompasses the individual and interwoven stories of the family and your families of their own in both the present and the past, where stories new and old are revealed for audiences to enjoy about the Pearson Brood and their successors.

8th Easy (2016-2019)

Two characters take a selfie on Easy.

As Modern lovee records stories of affection in New York, Simple contains 25 episodes depicting the love lives of individuals in Chicago. Each episode is its own story, but some characters and narrative make a comeback in later seasons to help educate audiences about the implications of their choices.

Andi and Kyle, for example, are a married couple who are taking the big step in opening up their marriage, and there are follow-up episodes about how their marriage fared in retrospect. Lots of stories in Simple are fictional while some are based on real events and real people.

7th Sex and the City (1998-2004)

Carrie and Big kiss at their wedding in the movie Sex and the City

The show, led by Sarah Jessica-Parker, wasn’t all about designer clothes and glamor – there were very poignant themes such as friendship, betrayal, burgeoning love, infidelity and broken hearts galore Sex and the City. Carrie’s columns were emotional and insightful, and they carried her story forward too.

Though the scene was from the movie, one of the most memorable moments was when Carrie turned down an unfortunate Big (whom she sometimes had toxic relationships with) after he left her at the altar, and Charlotte was the good friend she was tells him to stay away from Carrie. This is kind of a dramatic and romantic moment to go into Modern love.

6th Virgin River (2019-)

Jack and Mel are standing by the river while Mel looks at Jack with a smile

Once in a while Modern love feels like a warm, cozy blanket, and these are exactly the feelings you get from the cozy drama Jungfrau River. The small fictional town of the same name shows the relationships and practical complexities of the town’s residents.

With sympathetic characters like Jack, Mel, Lizzie and Ricky, the audience sees a younger side of the city, and with Doc, Hope, Connie and Muriel there is also something for the older audience. Senior romance and young love are equally important and this show won’t disappoint.

5 Fleabag (2016-2019)

Split image of Fleabag disguised as a nun and the priest laughing in Fleabag.

Flea pouch may be a comedy drama, but at its core it’s a contradicting young woman hungry for family and romantic love, and her craving for love has made Fleabag do the worst and lose the only source of selfless love, that she had – boo.

Fleabag navigates her London life in a constant search for affection, meets some very strange characters on her journey and eventually finds them in the one person who couldn’t quite give her what she wanted. The feeling of sadness in Flea pouch is immense.

4th Ordinary People (2020)

Sally Rooney’s masterpiece may not be an anthology, but it was certainly structured that way. Main characters Marianne and Connell remain the focus of the series, but their love story and life are told in their final days of school, through college, and into adulthood.

They share a complicated relationship and can’t help but get back together through different phases of life. The longing and the fear are played in a nuanced way and you can’t help but invest yourself in the story of the restless young people and the realistic moments in Normal people.

3 Four Weddings and a Funeral (2019-)

Brandon Mychal Smith, Nathalie Emmanuel, Rebecca Rittenhouse, John Reynolds in Four Weddings and a Funeral Hulu

Based on the 1994 film of the same name, Four weddings and a funeral is all about the hijinks of Maya, Craig, Ainsley and Duffy, American friends who get together for a fantastic wedding in London.

As the title suggests, there is a lot of drama and social politics that also flows into the four weddings. Relationships are forged and broken off, friendships are put to the test, and the show delivers a lot of good vibes to the audience.

2 College Friends (2017-2019)

Friends From College advertising poster showing the cast standing on a crowded train.

For viewers who love to watch a group of middle-aged misfits trudge through the complexities of their love life, this show is for them. College friends follows a group of Harvard alumni in their forties as they manage their own marriages and destroy bonds between others.

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This show is way faster than Modern love, but the emotions felt in some episodes are well reproduced here.

1 High fidelity (2020)

As a remake of the cult film, this Zoe Kravitz-Starrer mixes music, fear and a self-obsessed record shop owner and the relationship drama she goes through with men and the heartfelt banter with her colleagues.

Viewers will get better lessons about love, toxic relationships, and heartbreak that Zoe’s character goes through. There is also drama, heartbreaking sadness and warm moments, so fans of Modern love will enjoy the show very much.

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