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The personal recovery procedure (PRP) is a measure of last resort, and you risk being registered for 5 years at the FICP of the Bank in France. Credit redemption is a quick and easy way to get out of this situation before it’s too late.

We consolidate your payday loans

Once you have filed a statement with the Personal Debt Commission, it may suggest that you initiate a personal recovery procedure (PRP), if a debt settlement plan is not feasible for you in the future. close. For this procedure to be performed, the Board must have you complete a form that you will need to sign. The implementation of the personal recovery procedure may result in the decision that a portion of your personal wealth is liquidated (except for the property of your daily life or necessary for your work). Once your agreement is signed, a PRP enforcement judge will appoint a liquidator to make a list of your heritage assets. During a public hearing, the judge will analyze your financial situation before pronouncing the reinstatement procedure. Your debts will be erased, except professional tax debts or attached to criminal convictions.

If you prefer to avoid a personal reinstatement procedure, you will be advised to quickly consult a credit redemption broker. He will explain the advantages of payday loan consolidation and will advise you on the repayment period adapted to your budget- read this post here. For example, you will be able to repay your loans in a single monthly payment over an extended period, which will reduce the monthly payments that you had to meet before this process. Thus, you will enjoy more freedom to manage your daily budget, and you will not risk being registered in the FICP file of the Bank in France. With a group of loans, you can finance new projects such as the purchase of a second home or work to be done on the house. In some cases, you will be able to finance your tax debts or the delay of rent.

Opt for professionalism and experience

Opt for professionalism and experience

To consult a broker specializing in the purchase of credits, it is better to contact recognized companies such as ours. His long experience of more than 15 years in this field is a criterion appreciated by his clientele. On his professional online service, all his brokers have followed the required training and completed a diploma recognized by the Lagarde law to specialize in this business. A personalized study of your file, according to your situation, will be carried out by your broker-advisor. Efficiency, simplicity and availability are the values you will find at our company.

Loans with Financial Credit Institutions

There are many times that we need to request a loan but it is not granted to us in any banking entity because it is included in file of defaulters, and there are many entities that refuse to authorize loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

Now, with the new digital platforms, you can easily apply for a loan with Financial Credit Institutions and get it without any inconvenience, and saving yourself rigorous paperwork.

The reasons why it can appear in a file of defaulters are very varied and its consequences are very dangerous since financial institutions consult it when granting or not a loan. Remember that being registered in a list Financial Credit Institutions (National Association of Financial Establishments of Credit) does not mean that you can not solve the debt, since it is possible that you have been inscribed in the list by simply not having canceled a telephone bill.

Requirements to apply for loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Having pending debts that have not been solved for any type of inconvenience, will always make the processes to access credits difficult. From there, the creation of these new forms to have access to loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

However, to access this financing, the debt for which we appear in the lists of defaults will have to adjust to two conditions that, generally, all the lenders will impose us to obtain loans with Financial Credit Institutions :

  • The non-payment must not exceed the limit established by the company: The quick credit companies with Financial Credit Institutions will decide if our debt is adjusted to the amount accepted by its risk policy. The most common is that the limit is set at around 200 euros.
  • The outstanding debt should not be bank: the entities that grant loans with Financial Credit Institutions will ask us that the origin of the debt for which we appear in the default database is not financial.

Conditions to obtain loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The loans with Financial Credit Institutions will ask us to comply with the general conditions to request any type of loan.

These four conditions are independent of whether we have a debt or not and the characteristics that it has so that loans with Financial Credit Institutions are approved:

  • Be over 18 years old: with the exception of certain very specific credit and prepaid cards, the financial products offered in Spain are only accessible by people of legal age.
  • Being a resident of Spain: this is because the loans offered by these lenders are regulated by Spanish laws and are subject to the conditions of the national market.
  • Have regular income: the income must be sufficient for the repayment of our loans with Financial Credit Institutions.
  • Be the holder of a bank account in Spain: this will be the addressee account to deposit the requested credit.

Accelerate the granting of loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The loans with Financial Credit Institutions are characterized by being able to be obtained in a short period of time; However, there are always different factors that intervene in the speed of these processes.

To ensure that loans with Financial Credit Institutions are approved quickly and easily, you should take into account:

  • Make the request within business hours.
  • Have the necessary documentation prepared in advance.
  • Know the banks with which the lender works.

2015 home loan repurchase rate

It is also the purchase of credit in urgency, the repurchase of credit at the cheapest rate, the repurchase of credit with a view to a future fall of income (retirement, …), the financing of customized works or projects, these projects being included in the redemption of your credits so as not to increase your debt.

Over-indebtedness is not inevitable

Before filling out a credit redemption form, check the legal notices in which the status of broker, professional liability insurance, Prudential Control and Resolution Authority registration and Orias N ° for insurance must be mentioned. credit. A new amortization of credits following the repurchase of these, makes it possible to approach a period of life smoothly where incomes will decrease.

Find solutions against indebtedness

Our job is above all to inform you, to propose and guide you in all the steps of a loan buyback operation, to compare the redemption of credits, negotiate the best redemption rates and obtain conditions of interesting refinancing. After a first assessment of your financial situation and debt, you are informed of the possible solutions, according to your needs, your expectations and often the urgency of your situation.

Credimedia is the relationship with all credit repurchase banks, our advisers will collect with a simplified online tool all the supporting documents, then follow your file until its end, the conclusion of the contract at the best rate. A personal loan buyback operation will allow you to reduce the amount of your monthly payments and reduce your debt ratio by 20 to 50%, without changing banks.

Fewer monthly payments? It’s possible !

Which banks and organizations are specialized for the purchase of credits. The key intermediaries in this market are the non-exclusive bank brokers, to choose objectively which bank or organization will make you the best proposal for credit renegotiation.

Before filling out a credit redemption form, check the legal notices in which the status of broker, professional liability insurance, Prudential Control and Resolution Authority registration and Orias N ° for insurance must be mentioned. credit. Going through a broker buyback credits is almost unavoidable for those who want to find a solution to its debt problems.

We only have one customer: “You”

They are numerous and are subject to ever-changing regulations. Credit redemption, also known as restructuring, consolidation or credit consolidation, is a financial solution to debt problems and only a credit builder can bring you to a successful conclusion.

Why choose Tom Thumb when it comes to buying credits?

Credit consolidation is an operation that can deal with an excessive debt situation or even over-indebtedness. Although the primary objective of the redemption of credits is to reduce the level of indebtedness and the total amount of monthly repayments of its credits and debts, it has other advantages, among others those of allowing various financing (works, studies , investment …).

Simulation buyback credit for those who wish but can not get started.

The repurchase of credit must reduce the monthly payments (financial charges related to credit), consolidate the various credits to obtain a single monthly payment, negotiate a better rate, this in general with an increase in the repayment term. Restructuring of loans, a solution that can be considered as a provident or restorative financial management of its existing credit load.

Personal Loan of 30000 Euros Online

When we are presented with a financial emergency there is no time to lose, we need quick solutions and for that your best alternative is to ask for a loan of 30000 euros. Finding financial liquidity is no longer just a dream, we invite you to know how to get a loan of 30000 euros.

If you do not get credit approved by the traditional bank do not worry, you just need to enter any of the online financial institutions and apply for a personal loan of 30000 euros.

It is very fast, safe and easy to obtain a loan without endorsement, just by contacting your trusted financing company you can get the money you need and indicate what credit suits you best, according to your needs.

Loan of 30000 euros without endorsement

It is not necessary to comply with personal paperwork and much less have an endorsement to request a loan of 30000 euros. This service is designed for all those microentrepreneurs and individuals who need an economic boost to consolidate their projects.

30000 euros

Obtaining loans of 30000 euros is very simple, you only need to enter the Internet to the lender of your preference, fill out the form and in a period of 24 to 48 hours you will get the money in your account. You do not have to work in a solid company to opt for a loan, place the option of credits without an endorsement and apply for loans without a payroll of 1000 euros.

Loans of 30000 euros with Financial Credit Institutions

Many clients think that because they belong to Financial Credit Institutions they can not access any type of credit, the truth is that this is not the case, because there are some online financial institutions that grant credit of 30000 euros, regardless of this list of defaulters.

The loan of 30000 euros, is an important financial tool where you can request from mini-credits to higher amounts, through the credits of 12,000 euros offered by lenders on the web.

Loan of 30000 euros to 10 years

If you are thinking of taking a well-deserved vacation or maybe start investing your money, you should ask for a loan of 30000 euros for 10 years. With this service you can choose the amount of installments you wish to pay and in what time you will pay your debt, a convenient and profitable option that you should not miss.

Loan of 30000 euros to 5 years

The great advantage of financial institutions over the internet is that it gives customers the facility to pay their debts. When you are a client of a credit institution via the web you can opt for loans of 20,000 euros, a quick, convenient and safe alternative to cover all your needs.

30000 euros 2

Mortgage loan of 30000 euros

Paying the initial fee of a house or business premises could be a real headache for you, however with the 30000 euros credits, you can pay with peace of mind your monthly payments without many conditions and with a low percentage of interest depending on the type of online financing company.

A mortgage can be between 30,000 to 100,000 euros, however with the help of personal loans of 30000 euros it is possible to fulfill the dream of having a home of their own.

Conditions of a loan of 30000 euros

As a borrower you must be aware that when applying for fast 30,000 euros credits you have a certain period of time you will have to return the money you have requested and the interest you have accumulated for it. Some of the conditions to acquire a loan of 30000 euros need:

– Be of legal age
– Have a DNI or have a residence certificate in Spain
– Own a bank account
– Have stable income in the account

How much would you pay for the 30,000 euro loan?

Depending on the lender you choose, you will have to pay loan interest of 30000 euros. When applying for a credit you must take into account that the type of fee that applies, the vast majority of online financial institutions are fixed rate and the interest range from 6% to 14%.

Loan simulator for 30000 euros

30000 euros 3

Calculate personal loan of 30000 euros could take you only 15 minutes, this powerful tool allows you to calculate the loan fee of 30000 euros that you must cancel. Depending on the interest rate TAE and contribution commission that you have agreed, this simulator will tell you when you would pay for a loan of 30000 euros.

How to get a loan of 30000 euros?

If every day comes to your mind “I need a loan of 30000 euros”, it is time to put this desire into practice. From now on request personal loan of 30000 euros, this tool can alleviate all your financial burdens quickly and safely.

Loan of 30000 euros online

Choose the lender of your choice on the internet, fill out the forms and in minutes you can request a loan of 30000 euros, a comfortable and safe option for you.

Private Loans

Private credits are the fantasy of every dreamer, who intend to carry out a personal project, family, medical or business, and does not have sufficient monetary liquidity to make payments, acquire goods and property, or invest in some wonderful idea that alone the credits can satisfy. All good, but you must be aware of what are the most popular types of loans in the current market and how they work: requirements, conditions, interest rates, payment terms, commissions, among others.

The most important thing is not to obtain the private credits, but to know how to manage them as part of a capital project, because when complying with the established with the financial institution, these credits will always be reason to be multiplied in a significant way

Understanding these types of private loans is essential to analyze the best interest rates, their benefits and, of course, the essential requirements to quickly obtain each of these types of financial loans that end up being of vital importance when developing a loan. of personal, family, business or health projects

Types of private credits

Private capital credits

Private capital loans are loans for personal needs, medical, family, work or just for more personal areas as unemployment has been. Loans of this type of private capital loans range between € 1,500 and € 60,000 from a private company that functions as a financial institution in the online loan market

Credits for unemployed

A new and alternative modality arises through credits for the unemployed, who are relegated in the system of private capital loans because they do not have a payroll that guarantees an income for the payment of the debt for personal loans. The options are no longer limited

  • Fast online credit
  • Credits without endorsement
  • Credits without payroll

Credits for taxi drivers

Credits for taxi drivers every time or have better offers in the market of private credits since the profession is exercised by a group of service employers that demand good conditions for cars. Therefore, the credits for taxi drivers are intended for emergency repairs or investments for improvements needed in units for the social group. The terms cover up to 3 months, so if you have work, you will be a good debtor in complete safety

Credits for inheritances

Credits for inheritance are common in a market that seeks all alternatives with respect to what credits are as such. Receiving an inheritance as a form of loan works perfectly on the private capital loans, but having the opportunity to pay that inheritance also has alternatives in the credits for inheritances that allow the capital representing this inheritance to be returned without property and without assets.

In this way we have as advantages of credits for inheritances :

  1. Solving a situation that may well be familiar or not quickly
  2. Maintain a good credit history that seventy future private credits for a future
  3. Demonstrate a pleasant development in what has been obtaining new private capital credits

Credits for embargoes

When more are required, there will be the credits for foreclosures, characterized by their speed and simplicity at the time of avoiding an embargo situation. Without paperwork or administrative times, these private capital loans become a good option when you want to settle the account of a future lien by means of a mortgage, properties such as a car or with a guarantee that serves as a support to grant the credits for liens

Credits with Financial Credit Institutions

The financial market in credit is fully strengthened by the presence of loans with Financial Credit Institutions, an innovative option that works by means of private online capital loans in which, regardless of the fact that one is delinquent, credits are granted that work with only having a debt of € 10 at Financial Credit Institutions

As an alternative, the credits with Financial Credit Institutions work from the following credits

  • Credits without endorsement
  • Credits without payroll
  • Credits with goods and properties
  • Loans with mortgages

Credits for advances

Credits for advances

When you have the credits for advances, you really have an important alternative around what has been family conveniences that require a credit that avoids a problem such as eviction. The characteristics of these private loans cover terms of up to 90 days, with a minimum interest rate that does not exceed 1.5%. For real emergencies, loans for advances offer immediate availability without administrative paperwork

Credits to reunify debts

The market allows it, and it is the credits to reunify debts can be considered as a business model in which you can get to save up to 80% pro the total unification of all the debt exist in a single debt, which can be to be paid by means of a credit of this characteristic, a novelty that the financial market offers as a savings to pay a debt thanks to a financial institution.

100% mortgages loans

Apply for 100% mortgages is to acquire 100% of the financing of the purchase price of the home you want to acquire, many people do not have savings to advance part of the amount of that housing, so they look for this type of financing by traditional banks.

It is not common for banks to grant mortgages 100% the most common mortgage offers is to offer the loan of up to 80% of the appraised value of the property you want to acquire if it is the first home, if it is the second housing that is acquired, goes up to 70% of the appraised value.

But if the sale price of the home you want to buy is lower than the appraised value, you could get 100% mortgages.

100% mortgages are more expensive?

You have to take into account that the total financing of a home implies a greater indebtedness, you always have to be sure of the characteristics that each mortgage offers and 100% mortgages is not the difference, to assume this risk and responsibility depends only on you.

If you want this type of financing because you do not have savings it is not the best strategy to follow, on the contrary, if you opt for this type of financing you should be prepared for the consequences.

It is more convenient to opt for a mortgage that only finances 80% of the home to acquire, since it is cheaper both in the long term and in the medium term and is less risky if you are not prepared financially.

Tips for mortgages 100%

A mortgage financing supposes a great responsibility, it is required to have a wide information regarding the other offers and the one that you chose in order to choose the one that suits you the most.

When applying for 100% mortgages, it is convenient to take into account the following aspects:

  • Having saved 20% of the price of the house, it is never the case to have saved savings.
  • The acquisition of the house imposes expenses (taxes and fees) that are around 12% of the value of the purchase.
  • The formalization for mortgages 100% supposes some expenses that go between 3% and 5% of the price of the house.
  • We recommend that the monthly payment of the mortgage does not exceed 30% or 35% of the income of the owner, so that he can face the payment of the loan without any problem.
  • Ask for a mortgage to buy bank apartments, after the economic crisis, banks have amassed a number of real estate agents in which they are interested in selling as quickly as possible, so if we choose a bank floor, it is possible that we get better financing.

How do I get 100% mortgages?

Very few banks offer this service to finance housing at 100% since this type of operation is usually associated with a high risk of delinquency, for this reason they only grant up to 80%.

So that these traditional banks can approve your mortgages 100% you need to have an excellent financial profile; and having fixed and stable monthly income increases the possibility of 100% mortgages being granted.